Technical Facilities Management course info

Aim of this course

The content of this course treats a specific area within the field of facilities and real estate management. It zooms in on technical facilities management. This practical course educates the student what it is and how to manage and operate in a facilities built environment. It shares the latest developments, processes, methods and tools in this expertise area of the assets, operation of the asset and towards leadership and control. From learning the background of best practices, to understanding the principles and applications of the facilities operations, the student will be directed how to implement processes and systems to ensure to meet customer requirements, organizational measures and work with principles that need to put safety guarantees in place. This Group-FSA’s technical facilities management course has been designed to provide students with the knowledge and process steps to enable them to effectively implement technical facilities techniques in line with the requirement and guidelines of the society of today.

Who should attend?

Any person who has a foundation in technical facilities operation. But also students or practitioners from any related discipline, architects, designers or engineers can pursue this course too. Those who have a basic understanding of decision making, planning, risk management, resourcing, operations, technical services, information support, budgeting, quality management or organizational development. 

Course curriculum

The major domains covered by the course are operations and maintenance, project and risk management, finance and business, leadership and tactics.


There are no formal prerequisites for this course. It helps participants to have an academic background and a first understanding of the technical facilities operation. 

What will I learn?

Upon completion of this course, a student will be able to apply a broad range of technical facilities management principles and work from a structured approach to managing and developing relevant systems and structures.

Course Structure

This compact course takes 12 weeks. Once per week on a Saturday a variety of educators will teach on the different modules. The modules build up to a clear recognition of the broad and complex range of disciplines within the technical facilities management practices.

Self-study and tests

There will be exercises and homework throughout the delivery and tests on the various modules of the course. Along the lines of Group-FSA competency-based practical learning will be conducted during the course.

Course costs and what's included?

The cost for the course including learning material, certificate of attendance and refreshments.

Course subscription

Attending this course can be done by use of the subscription form. For the cost an invoice will be send. The price is excluding tax and administration costs. 

Further information

A certificate of attendance is awarded to delegates who complete the course. This Group-FSA course certificate in technical facilities management is highly recommended by the professional in the field. Read more at Technical Facilities Management course benefits. For the technical facilities management course in Turkey download the course brochure (English) or broşürü Türkçe olarak indiriniz. Also take notice of the testimonials commenting on our courses in Turkey.