Survey Information

Aim of a survey

Involved parties need to be known with the aspects of technical facilities and real estate management. Being well informed would make a difference. Even such simple task as estimation for property development will be better done by an initiated professional. When estimations are off the mark, it will lead to excessive expenditure and resource utilisation.

The focus, perspectives and objectives of the facilities and real estate management operations are specific and unique within the organization.  For example, while real estate as a subject in isolation will generally cover issues such as price and quality of construction, facilities management next to it will focus on how a particular piece of real estate impacts the bottom line of the business.

In time, demand for insight can be given by a knowledgeable, skilful, able to perform under high stress Group-FSA surveyor who is to prevent brake down failures before actually happening. A surveyor to support the general management and any other department in the organization in due order. Who is able to help create a successful environment. Supporting to protect and maintain and to keep up a property properly. Inviting a technical facilities and real estate management surveyor means to take care of the business. To prevent, to predict and to protect.

Focus of the survey

A survey carried out by group-FSA amongst other focuses on technical management systems, equipment performance, energy management and energy usage, water quality and water management, air quality and air management, sustainability including waste management, safety measures.

Group-FSA works with

Group-FSA works with travel agencies, insurance companies, local and/or state agencies, technical facilities and real estate related departments and bureaus as well as the management and owner of a property.

Time and cost

Depending upon the demands and the size of a property the time a survey will take is determined. Cost in that way, of a survey, also in consultation will be determined.

More information

To get fully informed of all advantages of a Group-FSA survey and how a survey works  in detail, please contact us by email: office@group-fsa.com or by phone: 00 31 85 273 19 06