Technical Facilities management course benefits

Being well educated

The focus, perspectives and objectives of the facilities management operations are specific and unique within the organization. The uniqueness and added value of specific facilities management expertise means for the professional to be on top of operations. Being well informed and educated for the job will bring a unique perspective on a broad range of facilities solutions.

Advisory skills

The knowhow to be taken away from this course lead to professional advisory skills. It is exclusively related to practice. It offers awareness of developments and innovations in the field. Randomness and risk full uncontrolled environments result in an increase of turnover. When the right checks are missing where sometimes there are proper maintenance programs in place mismanagement leads to unnecessary expenses.  This course creates awareness of these difficulties and deficiencies in the operation. It emphasizes on the necessity to create awareness of the relevance of globally recognized techniques employed to make facilities and real estate governed efficiently.

How will I benefit from this course?

A clear understanding of up to date technical facilities management practices, activities and methodologies and the comprehending of the integrated approach of technical facilities projects brings you ahead of the game. This technical facilities management course will help to improve the performance of the operations of the built environment. It increases the students value as a decision making business partner or professional.

How will the organization benefit from this course?

Professional and practically based education motivates staff. It helps to improve production, to increase efficiency and reduces waste and recruiting costs. By filling skills gaps within the organization and deploying employees with up-to-date skills it enables the organization to remain competitive.

Training delivery options

Every organization is unique, so we offer a range of learning solutions on special request. From public to in-house and distance learning courses. We can offer in depth and selected course modules in- house. Tailored to specific company needs. For an in-company course at your offices please inquire with the Group-FSA organization.

Career options and scope of jobs

Sectors where technical facilities management offers scope amongst other are hotels and resorts, hospitals, government, shopping malls, corporate organisations, insurance companies, travel agencies, plants.

After completing this course, a qualified student depending on his background at times can work in property management, building or facility management, construction management, energy management, environmental services management, maintenance, engineering, operations, safety or security management, space planning.

For the technical facilities management course in Turkey go to course info Turkey or broşürü Türkçe olarak indiriniz.