Medical technical facilities management course

With a course medical technical facilities management course Group-FSA offers a unique overview of the profession, making available a broad range of facilities and real estate knowhow overlooking the full operation in the medical sector. It prepares the student for the job in practice and offers the job recruiter a proper job definition making the job selection easy.

The goal of the facilities operations is to create a successful environment. To protect and maintain and to keep up the built environment properly. Actively working in facilities and real estate operational surroundings asks for a knowledgeable, skilful, able to perform under pressure characteristic.

As the medical technical facilities manager needs to be on top of the developments related to the sector, the job requirements as configured by Group-FSA is a unique compilation and ultimately suited for the demands in the market.

This course is offered for inhouse training only. The specific curriculum for this course is available on demand. For more information please contact Group-FSA via: office@group-fsa.com