Survey Benefits

An assessment by professionals provides many benefits for an organization or company once having invited Group-FSA to perform a survey.

Technical facilities and real estate assessments and evaluations by Group-FSA have an advisory status. The management of the property in all cases stay in charge of possible to be taken measurements and will keep being responsible in matters to the purpose. An advice amongst other is focused on technical management systems, equipment performance, energy management and energy usage, water quality and water management, air quality and air management, sustainability including waste management, safety measures.

Next to an advisory function a survey will enhance the knowledge of the technical staff and the management of the property. It will inform the involved on related standards as well as relevant innovations and developments of systems and equipment. An advice for instance on the integrated approach of technical processes in the field will have positive effects on the operation and management of the property.

In detail a survey gives opportunity to estimate the actual and forecasted technical operational budgets. The property management will have a tool to assess the budget costs and foresee needed future capital projects. A survey gives a clear insight in costs and expenditures.

A survey aims to prevent failure before breaking down, to predict future investments and coming measures and to protect from safety, health and environmental risks.

A Group-FSA survey is an asset that can be applied in the phase of the property construction as well as at the built environment day to day operation. Next to a focus on maintenance and care a survey also brings the act of performance of the organization as a whole to a higher quality level.