Facilities and Real Estate Surveys

A survey is carried out by Group-FSA professionals having a proper knowhow of the field and having many years of experience.

A survey aims to assess and evaluate the operation of the staff and equipment running a property and facilities in place. These assessments and evaluations are based on national and international standards and references. Final goal of the survey must be, by enhancing the operational and technical performance of the property, to increase the life quality and comfort of the user of the property and to report on a variety of liabilities.

The overall Group-FSA survey program supports the organization in decision making, planning, risk management, resourcing, operations, technical services, information support, budgeting, quality management and organizational developments.

Specifically technical facilities and real estate survey is a great supporting tool for facilities and real estate management. Building maintenance needs to have a realistic insight of the current situation of the technical status and operation level of the property. This insight, in many cases most desired but it experienced either to be uncomfortable or costly.

An accurate picture of the status of the property will map threatening risks to become the source of unexpected costs in the (nearby-) future. A surveying report will provide the weak, strong and developing technical dimensions of a property taking measures of various technical facilities and real estate with a deeper look and to be presented with a final detailed surveying report.