Jobs Turkey

The expectations for the future in the field of technical facilities and real estate operations leads to an increasing demand for skilled professionals in Turkey.

From out its field of expertise Group-FSA lists job vacancies and offerings in Turkey for this special trade: technical facilities professional. As the technical facilities profession need to be on top of the developments related to the field, the job requirements need to be suited for practice. Group-FSA advisors being well informed, on request, offer the proper job definition making a job selection easy and successful.

Having a full insight in the profession Group-FSA offers companies, organizations and individuals a perfect match when selecting and hiring.

Employers are invited to send in their job vacancy to Group-FSA by email. Group-FSA than will publish this vacancy anonymously on the website in order to recruit suited candidates. Both from the applications received by means of the website as from the Group-FSA network already in place the right candidates will be selected for the job. 

Skilled technical facilities professionals seeking for the right employment at all times are invited to send in their curriculum to Group-FSA by email: 

For more information, please contact Group-FSA. See also vacancies and jobseekeres.