Introducing Group FSA being a globally oriented organization to promote new developing business within the field of facilities and real estate management. At this point these working disciplines within the built environment reach a maturity stage in the Western European region. Group-FSA as an internationally operating company is to develop the activities within the facilities and real estate business globally, enhancing this profession’s insight, knowledge, techniques and ways of working. In terms of focus Group-FSA has determined specific geographical regions as a second depart (since its arise in Western Europe) and as the first next step as where to develop and launch new activities. Group-FSA glocally: a local approach to unroll the business from an international perspective within the built environment.

Group-FSA finds collaboration with hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, residences, factories, private or government buildings etcetera. It is significantly clear organizational interests as for instance energy saving policies, improving water and air quality, implementing sustainability processes, social responsibilities, technological developments and so on, nowadays are issues of common ground for all facilities within the built environment. Actually, the whole building life cycle from the construction phase unto the facilities operational phase need taken into consideration. Working with Group-FSA covers the vital elements that are of importance for the organizational outlook in matters such as corporate identity, the organization business model and business strategy, mission and vision.

By sharing proper facilities and real estate management knowledge and offering professional services via Group-FSA, internationally and by means of local networks, providing support for all different levels within the real estate and facilities management discipline, all involved parties have the possibility to optimally benefit from relevant, mutually enforcing activities. A powerful and selective visionary approach effects and enriches the various expertise working disciplines on the construction side both as on the operation and end user side of the built environment.

Currently Group-FSA is the unique company to work glocally in this way, to help the growth of facilities, building and real estate management towards maturity. Started out from the perspective of the technical facilities management (building management) adding value to businesses and real estate the Group-FSA local network grows every day. By becoming more widespread the concept is contributing increasingly to local properties and facilities that are running in private or public sectors.

Partaking in a Group-FSA activity propagates the concept and the know-how coming forth from this concept. Since valuable experiences are shared among the joining partners and partakers it effects the local built environment and every professional discipline related to it. An influencing strength that blows its conceptional power all over the country and beyond.

From a tactical point of view the idea of Group-FSA working glocal is to start out with the enhancement of the profession of the technical facilities management within the built environment. The technical facilities management is to bring any facility further, up to an enriched and broader level dealing with issues at hand and related partners of any kind involved with the possible implementing of strategic and economic objectives into an organization. This step to introduce Group-FSA in the built environment is also the first towards an integrated facilities and real estate management approach and cross-over disciplinary knowledge exchange.