Course Certificate

A Group-FSA course certificate in technical facilities and real estate management is highly recommended by the professional in the field and recognized in the market.

A clear understanding of up to date technical facilities and real estate management practices, activities and methodologies and the comprehending of the integrated approach of technical facilities and real estate projects gives the well-educated professional the advantage that is necessary to optimize the business.

Professional and practically based education motivates staff. It helps to improve production, to increase efficiency and reduces recruiting costs. By deploying employees with up-to-date skills it enables the organization to remain competitive.

A certificate of attendance is awarded to delegates who complete a course.

A Group-FSA certificate brings a qualified student depending on his background the possibility to work on a professional level in property management, building or facility management, construction management, energy management, environmental services management, maintenance, engineering, operations, safety or security management, space planning.

Sectors where technical facilities and real estate management offers scope amongst other are hotels and resorts, hospitals, government, shopping malls, corporate organisations, insurance companies, travel agencies, plants.