With the increase in infrastructure -property-related- investments by hi-tech companies and due to global outsourcing of back office and research operations, there has been an increase in demand for professional awareness. 

In the field of Facilities Management and Real Estate all over the world multinationals and following on foot local market organizations expect buildings and infrastructure capabilities similar to the facilities overseas. Understanding the complexities of technologies used in various operations, consultants, builders, contractors, property managers and facilities and real estate managers today need to understand the new requirements of the facilities and real estate environment.

While the concept of facilities and real estate management has caught on globally, the need is now being felt to establish a professional framework that caters to the needs of organisations looking to improve the quality standards and operational handing of the built environment.

The services Group-FSA is offering the facilities and real estate market is aimed for operators, managers, owners, employees and students to help get practical knowledge of the planning and project management, operations and maintenance, real estate conditions, quality assessment procedures.

Group-FSA offers its professional knowhow in relation to the implementation of innovations, human and environmental factors, finance, communication, and all trades pertaining to facilities and real estate activities. The organization works with experts on an international level specialized in various disciplines, educators from different universities, researchers and practitioners from reputed institutions and companies.

Specific sectors where facilities and real estate management offers scope are, hotels, hospitals, townships, shopping malls, IT services, pest control, property management, engineering, utilities, water and sewage treatment, procurement, fleet management and more.

In this field, where an increasing demand for knowledgeable people, where there is a tendency for outsourced support, a strong need for cost savings, in a high technology environment facing day to day innovations, in this tension, there is an unmistakable demand for a decision-making business partner or professional.

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