Providing FREM

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The goal of the facilities and real estate operations is to create a successful environment. To protect and maintain and to keep up the built environment properly. Actively working in facilities and real estate operational surroundings asks for a knowledgeable, skilful, able to perform under pressure characteristic. The operation need to support the general management and other departments in time. The aim is to prevent breakdown failures before these actually might happen. 

Group-FSA offers a course with a unique overview of the profession, making available a broad range of technical facilities-real estate knowhow overlooking the full operation. It prepares the student for the job in practice and offers the job recruiter a proper job definition making the job selection easy.

This course offers a full insight in the profession. The course satisfies the need for reconciliation of the different levels of operation and standards in the field. The real estate and facilities of properties when not featuring an integrated approach are deemed to grow older rapidly. Risks are synergistically increasing. In case no well-educated or trained technical facilities and real estate management in place, dramatic failures like fire, failure of systems, legionella outbursts, low customers satisfaction, food poisoning and other irregularities will be the probable outcome. Not to forget the unnoticeable consequences amongst other.

Technical facilities and real estate management means prevention, prediction, periodically checking. It asks for an integrated approach. It handles a machine that cannot stop. Securing the continuity of the operation. Offering instant solutions. To overcome without failure. It means collaborating harmoniously with the different stakeholders in a pressing operational environment. To work with suppliers, general management, owners, staff, co-workers, guests, customers, technical equipment, budget, operations, neighbouring departments. It means staying aware of technical developments, of innovations, social awareness.