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Many aspects can be taken in perspective ones starting to look at the life cycle of a building. From construction to demolition. From buying to selling. From the owner to the tenant.

From the managing and controlling to the maintenance of the building. It comes down to taking care. Taking care means: from cradle to cradle.

When looking to taking care of the building it comes down to its property value, to the well-being of the user, to the adapting to the times, being compliant with ruling, implementing social cohesion, considering the sustainability aspects, good governance.

Facilities and real estate management related to the building eminently concerns the field of expertise to take care of each and every aspect as describing its facilities and real estate conditions.

The facilities and real estate management comprises multiple disciplines within- and ensures the proper functioning of built environments. By integrating technology, process, place and people.

Facilities and real estate management is a highly developing industry because of factors like a booming real estate market, investments from foreign companies, new workplace technologies, security and health issues and a spurt in urban development. The facilities and real estate profession management helps improve the performance within the built environment and increases values related to the property as well as ruling social requirements.